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Maybe your feet feel itchy and dry when you take off your shoes. Or maybe your shoe soles have been wearing down unevenly. Either way, Feet First of New Jersey LLC can provide the podiatry services you need to address these foot issues.

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Depend on us for all your foot care needs

You can rely on Feet First of New Jersey to address all your foot issues. We can treat...

  • Corns: a skin bump that's caused by friction or pressure
  • Warts: a benign growth caused by a viral infection
  • Bunions: an abnormal enlargement of your big toe joint
  • Calluses: a hardened patch of skin on your feet
  • Flat feet: a condition when your entire sole touches the floor
  • Neuromas: a tumor or growth caused that's made of nerve cells
  • Neuropathy: weakness, numbness or pain from nerve damage
  • Hammertoes: a bone deformity that causes your feet to look like a claw
  • Athlete's foot: a common fungus infection between your toes
  • Plantar fasciitis: inflammation of the plantar fascia, usually caused by overuse
  • Achilles tendonitis: swelling of your tendon sheath

You can even visit us for diabetic wound care. Ready to put your foot problems to rest? Reach out now to schedule an appointment.